Teaching and Learning

At Black Hill Primary School, we are committed to ensuring that our Learning Environments foster independence, stamina and the achievement of success for all. Students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning through the constant exposure to strategies which support this, as well as providing small group or individual point of need teaching through specialised programs including ‘The Daily Five’.

We provide a strong focus in both English and Mathematics with students able to work independently, in small groups and in whole class settings to consolidate knowledge and explore new concepts. Our bright and engaging learning centres encourage the fluid movement of group and individual activities, allowing teachers to circulate freely offering support and explicit teaching when necessary. Reflection of learning intentions, success criteria and learning behaviours is a constant inclusion of each session and assessment takes place on a daily basis. 

Our classrooms are inviting and we welcome parents, grandparents and other members of our school community to contribute to our student’s education in a positive and relevant manner. Relationships between staff, children and their families are based on trust, respect and knowledge of individual circumstances; we work together to ensure that each child is equipped to achieve the very best they can socially, emotionally and academically.

Teaching and learning is greatly valued at Black Hill Primary School and our Learning Environments reflect our high standards and expectations.