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2023 loteThe LOTE program at Black Hill Primary School aims to immerse students in languages and cultures present both in Australia and around the world. Students understand that Australia is a multicultural and multilingual society and our culture and language draws on influences from other societies.

At Black Hill Primary School, Italian is the main language of study and all students attend weekly lessons aimed to promote the learning of Italian, but also to develop an appreciation of Italian culture. Key learning areas in Italian are Communicating and Understanding. Students learn to socialise and interact with the teacher and their peers as well as recognise both differences and similarities between daily life in Italy and Australia.

Alongside direct linguistic instruction students are immersed in the language through songs, games, role play and digital technologies. The skills and attributes developed whilst learning a language are transferrable to other areas of the curriculum and serve as a solid basis for future language learning in secondary school.

Respect  Responsibility  Aspiration  Integrity  Teamwork