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sample 1000 picThe Physical Education program at Black Hill Primary School aims to inspire students to be involved in physical activities that develop both individual and team skills, as well as promote healthy attitudes and habits.

A key learning area in Physical Education is the development, understanding and application of the Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) including run, leap, throw, catch, kick, strike, punt, vertical jump, dodge and bounce. In the early years these FMS are broken down into stages, and drills are used to teach correct technique, in the later years these skills are refined through application under pressure in sport specific games and activities.

Each year students participate in an extensive Gymnastics Program where the skills of climbing, balancing and locomotion are key components.

Through the Physical Education program students are exposed to a wide range of sports and leisure activities. In addition to weekly Physical Education lessons there are many opportunities for students to be involved in sporting clinics led by external sport providers.

Students also have the opportunity to represent the school in varied District sports events through School Sport Victoria. The SSV pathway goes from the District level right through to National level competition.

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