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Black Hill Primary School has been operating since 1878 and has a proud history of providing quality education to the local area. The school officially opened on June 25th, 1878 with 217 students. The school enrolment is now close to 500 students.

We are an important part of, and continue to support our local Ballarat community. We pride ourselves on the development of strong relationships, exemplary care, and providing a stimulating learning environment for all students, staff and families at our school.

At Black Hill Primary School we are committed to providing the best educational outcomes for all students by implementing Inclusive Education Practices that focus on each individual student's point of need. Our values reflect our culture in which excellence in education is prized and Aspiration, Respect, Integrity, Responsibility and Teamwork underpin all of our actions and work.

We have an active and involved school community, placing students at the centre of all that we do. We provide wonderful facilities including well-appointed classrooms, extensive playgrounds and outdoor play areas, passive play spaces, a well-appointed gymnasium/Visual Arts centre, and an adjoining oval for all students to enjoy.

Black Hill Primary School offers our families a highly personalised, caring community environment where children develop lifelong friendships and relationships with students and staff alike in an attractive, safe and supportive environment.

We aspire to maintain a learning culture that is based on strong relationships and provides the right amount of challenge and support in all learning opportunities. Our broad, inclusive curriculum is comprised of Literacy, Numeracy, Physical Education, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, and the incorporation of Italian and Digital Technologies.

Our community is proud of Black Hill Primary School and together we recognise that we all share the role of working together to grow, learn and work collaboratively to ensure that the educational, physical and emotional needs of every child are met.

Donna Bishop

Respect  Responsibility  Aspiration  Integrity  Teamwork