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Welcome to Black Hill Primary School

At Black Hill Primary School we are committed to providing the best educational outcomes for all students, focusing on each individual student's ‘point of need’. Our values reflect our culture in which Excellence in Education is prized and Aspiration, Respect, Integrity, Responsibility and Teamwork form the basis of all that we do.

We have an active and involved school community. Our School Council meets and our sub-committees meet regularly to pursue active involvement in all aspects of our school from curriculum; classroom assistance; policy development, grounds and garden initiatives.

We are an aspirational school, placing students at the centre of all that we do. We provide wonderful facilities including well-appointed classrooms, extensive playgrounds and outdoor play areas, passive play spaces, a well-appointed gymnasium/Visual Arts centre, and an adjoining oval for all students to enjoy.

The school is led by a Leadership Team consisting of the Principal, Assistant Principal, 7 School Improvement Team Leaders, representing each curriculum area, and 5 Team Mentors, representing each of the Professional Learning Teams. The school is structured into five Professional Learning Teams (PLTs) each based on the Victorian Curriculum levels and specialist programs (P, 1/2, 3/4, 5/6 and Specialist PLTs). Staff work in these teams to plan with a focus on using data to personalise student learning.

We are well known for our comprehensive Visual and Performing Arts Programs; integration of Digital Technologies, our rich and diverse sporting programs that focus on academic rigour. 

Black Hill is well known for its commitment to inclusion and equity.  We are a lead school in implementing the Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships curriculum and going down the process of the School Wide Positive Behaviour Process.  Each student has aspirational goals and we expect 12 months or higher learning growth from each student in all areas of the curriculum. Our values are promoted weekly through a number of processes, values badges awarded via five nominations, and a student led group supported by a teacher promote the school values weekly at assembly.

We have an extensive student leadership program which includes School and Vice Captains, Learning Advisors, Sports Leaders, Library Monitors, Canteen Monitors, Performing and Visual Arts Monitors, DigiKids, Capitani Italiani, Environmental Monitors and Playground Mentors and Supervisors. The Student Leaders and Student Representative Council (Kids Voice) meet regularly to discuss issues, make decisions, organise student events and focus on the students developing leadership skills.

With 499 students currently enrolled from Prep to Year 6, Black Hill Primary School offers our families a highly personalised, caring community environment where children develop lifelong friendships and relationships with students and staff alike.

Our community is proud of Black Hill Primary School and together we recognise that we all share the role of working together to grow, learn and work collaboratively to ensure that the educational, physical and emotional needs of every child are met.

Donna Bishop



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